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'Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when it's open' - Thomas Dewar

Over 30 years ago in the small city of Wells, Somerset which is famed for its historical architecture and the Hot Fuzz film by Edgar Wright, the journey into a successful career began for me,  Darren Whelpton-Smith, AKA DWS. The starting role? A part time sales assistant at Freeman Hardy & Willis earning £1.37 per hour.

Spin forward to the present - you can read more of my career progression on the resume page - I have enjoyed a highly successful career to date, owed very much to my desire to deliver within every role and consistently keeping an open mind to learn, question, improve and adapt. 

Leading teams within E-Commerce,  Physical Retail and Wholesale sectors has given myself a deep understanding of each channel and the ability to ensure consistency is delivered to the consumer from a collaborative approach within each business that I have worked with. I truly believe and uphold a 'one team, one goal' approach in everything that I undertake.

With 30 years experience comes a network of 'Partners' as a community of experts that I am able to connect with and help with introductions and involvement, this can be crucial for businesses to get a head start and save time.

Every business is unique and I understand that 'one size or solution does not fit all' having worked in businesses of varying size and stage of their journey. I am able to be flexible, agile and adaptable to align the required resource, timescale and support needed. Not all businesses want to layer in fixed costs of additional headcount to the team and tapping into my knowledge at a frequency and package that suits your needs can be tailored as such, I will work with you.

I have a huge passion to inspire others to help realise their goals, both business and personal through sharing experiences, knowledge and empowering others to excel. Through coaching sessions with myself I will work with you to explore, define and implement the necessary plans to deliver what success looks like.

Building strong partnerships to make a difference is at the heart of my approach by creating a meaningful alliance of trust through honest conversations and shared values.

From telephone or video calls, face to face meetings or onsite visits, I will work with your preferred style.

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